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Sustainable Printing Practices

HART Sport is committed to ethical practice across all of our business. Not only do we ensure our sourcing and manufacturing of our products meets the highest level of integrity but also with our catalogues. Our catalogues are an important part of what we do, as they help the customers find exactly what they want. Whether you are a School principal, gym or sports club manager, child care supervisor or an individual, our catalogues are made to help you find everything you need. We work closely with our printing suppliers to ensure we print in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. As a result of this commitment, we only work with printers whose ethics and sustainability comply with the highest of standards.

All of our printing comes from companies who are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council, Australia (FSC). These printers have been audited against the FSC chain of custody standard, and this accreditation means they have supply chain assurance as well as a guarantee that products are printed on FSC approved paper from responsible sources.

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In addition to this certification, we chose eco-friendly printing practices including both FSC and PEFC certified paper. This certification ensures our paper has been sourced in an environmentally responsible manner using materials from high conservation forests. This chain of custody certification from the Programme of Endorsement of Forest Certification allows us to print responsibly and continue ethical practices throughout all departments of our business.

HART Sport will continue to practice and promote ethical sourcing, responsible practices and environmentally friendly production. We feel it is important for our customers to know every effort has been made to ensure we are committed to these values as a socially responsible corporation now and into the future.

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