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Getting in the best shape of your life is easy with HART Sports extensive range of fitness products. Whether you want to improve your core strength, flexibility or are looking for something to add variety to your workouts, there is something for everyone. 

Mini Trampolines (or rebounders) are great for providing a high intensity, low impact workout, great for toning your legs and core and is more fun than exercising on the ground!  The give in the trampoline means less pressure on your joints and at the same time increases the strength in the stabilising muscles of your legs, hips and spine. 

Our range of stopwatches and timing devices make it even easier to time your workouts. Whether you are a PT, running a gym class or at home there is something to suit every type of work out.

Jump ropes are a great way to add some cardio to a resistance or circuit workout. They are great for coaches and athletes wanting to focus on improving foot speed. Our extensive range provides a perfect rope for everyone from weighted ropes to super light speed ropes.

Our PT/Group Fitness range provides an amazing range of products perfect for setting up group circuits and partner exercises.

Our Pedometers allows you to monitor your activity levels and reach your fitness goals easier than ever before!

Rowing is a great all body workout and is an excellent addition to any home or gym. Perfect for combining cardio, toning and resistance strength into one workout.