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Weight training is one of the best ways to get in shape and improve your overall health. Weight training places stress on your bones and muscles, increasing your bone density and muscle mass. This reduces your risk of bone diseases and increases your ability to burn fat more efficiently.

Our range of Olympic and regular bars and plates provides an option for everyone. Regular bars are the most common bar and hold most type of plates. The lighter starting weight of standard bars means they can be used for anyone from beginners to experts.  Olympic barbells are more commonly used in commercial gyms or power/weightlifters and only hold Olympic sized plates. As the bar is thicker than a regular bar, they are able to hold a higher weight load.

Choose from our stylish range of benches and racks to take your fitness regime to the next level. Mix and match our benches and racks to suit your individual needs.

Dumbbells are an easy portable tool to add versatility and difficulty to any workout. Choose from individual dumbbells to add to your collection or grab a set to get you started with all you will need to take your training to the next level.  Rubber casing prevents damage occurring to the dumbbell or the surface it is used on. 

Make your home gym or weights are look better than ever with our smart range of gym flooring. Specially designed, our range of flooring will ensure the equipment and your floor is protected.

Our large range of quality accessories are perfect for protecting your hands and shoulders and improving your grip strength so you can lift heavier than before! 

Weight bags are a versatile tool that can be adapted to any workout. Great for use in outdoor PT sessions or working with athletes.

HART Sport has a storage option for all your weight training needs! Durable but stylish designs will make your home or gym look more professional than ever.