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Sick of doing crunches? There are plenty more ways to get a strong core than just sit ups, crunches and more sit ups. Core strength is one of the most crucial elements of a healthy and fit body but it extends far beyond having great abs. Your core is the main stabilizer of the body and is the foundation of all movements – without a strong core your spine does not have much support and you may find yourself experience back pain and be restricted from doing activities you love. Balance is crucial for everyday activities and performing exercises to increase your balance will not only reduce your risk of injury but help to improve your core strength too!

Improving your balance and core strength go hand in hand. Your core is activated when you perform balance exercise on balance beams or foam rollers. Perform exercises on wobble boards and balance discs focuses on balance in a different way improving stability around your joints and is great for toning your stomach. Ab products focus specifically on your core muscles and are a great way of adding variety so you don’t have to just do sit ups every day!