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Foam rolling and self massage is one of the most popular and effective recovery methods. Known as self myofascial release, foam rolling and self massage are a way to release muscle tightness and trigger points. By releasing muscle tightness and knots you are able to help you muscles to recover quicker, improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. Although foam rolling and self massage can cause mild discomfort, it provides relief once finished.

Foam rollers are perfect for massaging large muscle groups. They are easy to use and provide a massage to a general area. Foam rollers also promote blood flow, helping to remove toxins from the muscles after a hard workout.

Myo Rollers are smaller than foam rollers making them easy to store and transport. In addition they allow you to target certain areas more specifically. They help to improve posture by relieving pressure or stiffness down your spine. 

Self Massage allows you to specifically target painful areas and knots. A foam roller may not allow you to apply pressure to a trigger point tucked under your shoulder blade. Self massage tools allow you to get more specific with the areas you want to release tension as well as allowing to provide varied pressure to different areas.