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10 Products For Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a great way to keep children physically active while having fun!

Turn the backyard, playroom or outdoor area into a new playground. Obstacle courses are also a great way to develop a variety motor skills including balance, coordination and spatial awareness. There are so many different ways to set up obstacle courses, so here are 10 products that make for lots of active fun!

Dome Kits: Without doubt one of the most versatile and simple pieces of equipment for activities. Crossbars can be set at any height or angle to challenge kids to go under, over, or squeeze through the gaps. These brightly coloured dome kits can be used indoor and outdoor. See all our extra add ons to use hoops and poles to make any obstacle you desire!

Agility Ladders: Ladders are a popular aid to challenge young footwork and agility. Ladders are a great way to start a course as it allows children to line up and only start when the person ahead is clear of the ladder. Flat rungs on flat and anti-skid ladders can be stepped on without tripping, or try the Agility Rings or Hex-a-rings for some variation.

Step Hurdles: Hurdles are another fun way to practice running, stepping, and jumping! Try multiple set-up variations with hurdles to mix up movements, such as left-and-right jumps and single or double foot hops. The flat hurdle is great for young kids because its flexible bounce back construction allows to be safely stepped on without damage.

Hopscotch: Great for balance and coordination, hopscotch is fun on its own or an easy addition to any course indoors or out. Keep it easy with a roll up Hopscotch Mat or add some colour with our Foam Hopscotch set.

Stepping Stones: Create a fun obstacle to learn motor skills with fun shaped and colourful stepping stones that help learn how to estimate distance. Create a cross the river scene to get kids imagination on board!

Tunnels: Crawling is a fun part of any course, and HART tunnels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Add some excitement between longer more tiring obstacles or slow them down to finish after crawling out of the tunnel. HART foam tunnels and arches offer a thicker, shorter tunnel for kids to crawl and climb on.

Foam Shapes: Foam shapes are always a huge hit because they are allow kids to be comfortable falling and rolling over soft and safe surfaces. Add some foam steps and ramps for young children to tumble and climb over, or find some unique shapes for the kids to play on!

Scooter Boards: Try a different way of getting kids moving! Scooter boards are a fun way to practice mobility skills and are great for indoor activities. Include scooter boards as part of a course or make one entirely for scooter boards with simple marked areas and directions.

Balance: Slow down the pace with some steady balance obstacles. Walk the plank on a balance beam or get across the tightrope on the Balance Path or Balance Snake.

Ground Markers: Markers are a great aid for obstacle courses. Directional markers are particularly helpful in guiding young ones through the course with arrows and start/finish lines. Space stations and numbered discs or cones help in ordering activities.


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