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Harness the Power of Water

Harness the Power of Water


Change the way you work out with the new HART Aqua Bag and HART Aqua Ball. An evolution from the power bag and griped medicine ball, these new Aqua products are like a weight that is pushing back from all directions! 

As you exercise, the unpredictable flow of water in the Aqua Bag/Ball will challenge your balance and reflexive response while forcing you to activate your core and stabilising muscles to maintain control. 


The HART Aqua Bag is can be filled with water and air using its dual valve. Water for weight, air to keep its shape. The soft neoprene horizontal and vertical handles allow you to perform a range of exercises, from weighted squats, lifts and lunges to shoulder press, bent-over rows, and 2 hand curls.  

The HART Aqua Ball utilizes that same dual valve as the HART Aqua Bag and has similar soft neoprene handles on the side of the ball. The HART Aqua Ball is designed to engage and stabilise your core muscles for the ultimate core workout. If you love using a medicine ball during your workout routine, the HART Aqua Ball is for you! Using an aqua ball for exercises such as Russian twist, single-leg deadlift, overhead squats or squat jumps are perfect for those that really want to test their balance and core strength.  

Turn the beach, park, backyard or living room into your workout spot. The HART Aqua Bag and HART Aqua Ball are perfect for those who enjoy working out in different locations. Their ability to be emptied with ease allows for lightweight transport, easy pack up and storage.

Why pick the HART Aqua Bag and HART Aqua Ball over a static weighted product?

While the HART Aqua Bag or HART Aqua Ball might be the same weight as a sandbag or medicine ball, the movement of the water in the Aqua Bag/Ball forces you to react, adjust and use muscles that otherwise would be not be stimulated when using a weighted bag. This extra muscle stimulation gives the user a more complete workout experience. The instability of water movement puts your workout through the ringer, two reps will never be the same. 

The HART Aqua Bag and Ball’s ability to be filled to your desired weight and emptied with ease makes it the perfect travel training tool. No need to cart around heavy workout equipment, just fill up and you are ready for a killer workout.  

The HART Aqua Bag has a max weight of 20kg, and the HART Aqua Ball has a max weight of 30kg, built with specifically welded seams to prevent leakage. 

For more information on these workout game-changers, CLICK HERE to check our range. 

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